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Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor

Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor
Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor

Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor    Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor

SYNERGY® 2 TUNING MODULE & NEW MAF SENSOR. "Freelander td4 transformed" says one of our many TD4 customers this week. The BMW engine in these vehicles is very susceptible to a weak maf sensor signal causing loss of torque below 2000rpm.

The symptoms are very slow throttle response, heart stopping delay when pulling onto roundabouts and out of junctions, autos often stall when moving off and manual cars need a lot of gearchanges to keep the rpm above about 2000rpm, especially on inclines. Towing is horrendous and in some cases there are flat spots, hesitation when you open the throttle, clouds of smoke and appalling mpg.

Also watch out for counterfeit Bosch mafs, you can tell them by the suspiciously low price. Checkout Bosch's website if you think we are making this up! 12 years ago we launched the Synergy 2a (aka Ronbox 2a) which uses a low power state of the art microcontroller to boost overall performance and also to compensate for maf sensor deterioration and allow a low cost, more reliable maf to be used to ensure optimum performance from below 1500rpm. For little more than the cost of a new Bosch maf, our Special Offer comprises our 2a dual channel tuning module PLUS a brand new Pierburgh maf sensor, PLUS the special 5sided Torx bit for maf removal PLUS a long reach Allen (hex) key for air filter cover removal.

Please note that the maf sensor we supply does not work as a direct replacement, it needs the Synergy 2a. MUCH BETTER PERFORMANCE FROM BELOW 1500 TO 4000RPM. REDUCED TURBO LAG & ENHANCED THROTTLE RESPONSE. EASY DIY FIT USING 100% OEM CONNECTORS. Upto 150bhp at 4000rpm on our Rover 75 cdt, 165 on a customers cdti, 148.5bhp on a TD4.

45% increase in power and torque at 1750rpm on our 75cdt^. 24% increase at 3000 and 37% at 3600rpm on our 75^.

5 power settings and 2 maf compensator ranges. Low for weak Bosch maf, medium for our Pierburgh maf. The Pierburgh maf we supply is an oem Mercedes part and was chosen for its excellent value.

It cannot be used without the Synergy 2 because it is calibrated for the Merc 2.2L engine not the BMW 2L M74n. You can tell if your existing maf signal is weak by simply unplugging it and going for a drive. You will notice as soon as you let the clutch out! However you cannot use the car without a maf because the performance will be below par and the fuel consumption will increase, it will also struggle to pass the MOT smoke test and may even be failed if the tester notices that its been unplugged.

(TD4 2L models only, not MK2 2.2L Peugeot engined models). Fitted the box to my freelander 1 today. Was like I had put a different engine in.

I've dealt with this company for over 8 x years , bought a synergy tuning box for my freelander 1 TD4 and recently another one for my Discovey 3 TDV6 , both times it has transformed my engine , reducing flat spots , improving Mpg First synergy tuning box was fitted for 7 x years , never let me down , are well built. Thanks got rid of my miss fire too! Finally got round to fitting the synergy 2 box on my freelander td4. After quick call to Ron , fitted the box - what a fantastic difference in all ranges and driveability - even sorted out a misfire it had , really good investment good product, and friendly advice. This means you can be sure of a well proven and reliable tuning product which will enhance your Rover, Mg or Freelander as well as restoring lost performance and mpg due to an out of spec maf sensor. We can keep our prices very reasonable indeed, considering the results you will experience, because we design, manufacture and sell direct to customers and therefore also are best placed to provide back up should you need it. We do many such transfers every month, even on our very early Synergy modules which are still going strong. This IS straightforward and there are photos on the webpage, but in short it is simply a matter of removing the engine cover and air filter cover, disconnecting 2 plugs, fitting the Synergy connectors between the sensor and plug you've just disconnected and that's it!

Total time about 30mins and anyone can do it. The module is attached to any dry surface with the heavy duty Velcro supplied eg inside the battery box on the 75/ZT or side of the fuse box on a TD4. If fitting the Pierburgh maf, then use the security bits supplied to undo the 2screws that hold the Bosch on into the housing, remove it and fit the new maf. It only fits one way so you cannot go wrong. Then make sure the Synergy 2 has both switches down and is on a setting between 6 and 10.

If trying it with your existing maf, use settings 1 to 5. If your maf is 100% okay you can just leave the Synergy maf switch off for now. The module has two channels, one processes the fuel rail sensor signal, digitally remapping it to accurately adjust the fuel with regard to driver demand and rpm whilst the second channel does the same for the maf sensor. Being digital, and with our proprietary mapping technology, we can alter the fuel different amounts at different parts of the rev range so as you can see from the label, you can choose where to have the performance gain and how much extra performance you want or need. The maf compensation is in two ranges - low for weak Bosch maf and medium for use with our Pierburgh maf. Most owners will find setting 2 or 7 gives a good blend of performance and superb fuel economy and you can easily turn the knob when you need more power for towing for example. So by referring to the label, you can see that there are 2 columns labelled torq and power. Torq refers to the performance boost below about 2000rpm and power above about 2500, with some overlap in between.

Thus when not towing and for superb economy on long journeys setting 2 (or 7 if the Pierburgh maf is fitted) works well, but if towing then setting 3 is better. The power mad like us, will of course always use setting 5 or 10! WHY IS IT BETTER THAN A STANDARD TUNING BOX OR REMAP?

No matter how much you pay for a tuning box or remap, if the maf signal is not correct the performance & economy will suffer. Only then would the tuning box supplier or remapper take any complaint seriously. If you tried to cost cut and fit a cheap maf, you'd probably still be disappointed and have this blamed on the cheap maf.

Full terms and condition are below and on our website. Rather than try and seduce you with impressive figures for power and torque, it is our policy to give you 30days to evaluate the module for yourself under various'real world' driving conditions.

Dyno figures are meaningless when it comes to telling you about part throttle performance, turbo lag reduction, low down torque and in-gear acceleration since they are always obtained on full throttle in 4th gear, usually from about 2000rpm upwards, taking a few seconds. Also, your vehicle may no longer be producing the manufacturers quoted figures so you will often not be able to achieve the claimed increase. This listing is for a brand new, Synergy® 2a channel tuning module, 1 new Pierburgh maf sensor, a 5sided t25 & t20 security torx bits and 1, 5mm long reach Allen key + documentation and fits the Freelander 2L with BMW engine from 2000 to 2007. (does not fit the mk1 98bhp Rover L series or MK2 2.2L engine models). ^No specific claims or guarantees of power or torque increase are made as the results depend upon the make & model of vehicle and engine condition. No specific economy improvements are claimed since there are too many factors outside our control such as vehicle condition, how and where you drive etc. Synergy, RonBox & Synergy-Ronbox are registered trademarks the property of Ronian Ltd. (c) RONIAN LTD 2015/16 E&oe. AVAILABILITY FOR OTHER VEHICLES: The vehicles below are compatible with the Synergy 2a, but only those in blue can use the Pierburgh maf.

Please see our other listings for the Synergy 2a without maf. Rover 75, MG ZT, cdt / cdti BMW with 5pin maf, - usually pre 2005 - check vehicle list on website Ford Mondeo Mk3 2 & 2.2L tdci, 6pin 4 wire maf Renault / Volvo 1.9 dci - 6pin maf. Jaguar X-type 2 & 2.2L, 6pin 4 wire maf Rangerover 3L TD6 175/177bhp BMW engine, not v6.

Alfa, Fiat, & some Vauxhalls with Bosch 5pin maf, EG 1.3cdti Mercs with 5pin Pierburgh maf, usually pre 2009 - check vehicle list on website Some Kia & Hyundais with 5pin Bosch maf. Eg 138/140bhp 2.5crdi, early, lowest power 2.9crdi Volvo 2.4 D5 with 5pin Bosch maf listed below S60 2.4TDI 163BHP'01 TO'05 D5244T S60 2.4TDI 130BHP'01 TO'05 D5244T2 S60 2.4TDI 185BHP'05 > D5244T3 S80 2.4TDI 163BHP'01 TO'05 D5244 S80 2.4TDI 130BHP'01 TO'05 D5244T2 V70 II 2.4TDI 163BHP'01 TO'07 D5244T V70 II 2.4TDI 130BHP'01 TO'05 D5244T2. The item "LANDROVER FREELANDER 2L TD4 SYNERGY 2 TUNING BOX + PIERBURGH MAF SENSOR" is in sale since Monday, June 15, 2015.

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  1. Part Manufacturer: RONIAN LTD
  2. Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  3. Type: Chip Tuning
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: S2FLSO1
  5. Reference OE/OEM Number: RB2A-OFF
  6. Other Part Number: SYNERGY 2A

Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor    Landrover Freelander 2l Td4 Synergy 2 Tuning Box + Pierburgh Maf Sensor